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Making an Impact

Posted by: Frank Sherman

There is a post making its rounds in our office written by Sallie Krawcheck for LinkedIn. Her Big Idea is that 2014 may be the year in which investing fundamentally changes. She observes that the profile of the “typical investor” is changing, with women controlling more of the US wealth decisions and more millennials entering their prime earning years. Both these groups, Sallie observes, are inclined to express their values through their investment dollars. She calls this the ability to amplify one’s impact. Continue Reading

Image for Constructing Schools that Inspire

Constructing Schools that Inspire

Posted by: Scott Downie

Learning is a lifelong pursuit that can happen anywhere and anytime. We interact with our environments and the people around us and in return, those environments have the potential to inspire us to think and explore. Our schools serve as environments focused on learning. Continue Reading

Image for The Future Looks Bright…but not Incandescent

The Future Looks Bright…but not Incandescent

Posted by: Frank Sherman

The future looks bright, but not incandescent. So starts this eulogy to the Edison bulb; a bright spot in our daily lives for over 100 years. Kudos go to the man who invented it. Actually there are approximately 22 men who had a hand in the light bulb’s evolution. So kudos to the man who got most of the credit! It doesn’t take a genius to come up with a good idea, but if you market it well you are considered one. Continue Reading