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Image for New LEED Pricing

New LEED Pricing

Posted by: Frank Sherman

GBCI, the certification review organization for all LEED projects, announced last week that as of December 1st, 2016 the cost of registering and certifying LEED projects will increase. Continue Reading

Image for Improve School Security  Without Breaking the Bank

Improve School Security Without Breaking the Bank

Posted by: Scott Downie

Article included in School Leader, April edition 2016... Schools continue to operate under tight budget constraints. With available dollars prioritized to educational delivery, it’s a simple reality that security-driven improvements can’t always rank at the top of the spending list. Continue Reading

Image for Going Beyond ADA In Bathroom Design

Going Beyond ADA In Bathroom Design

Posted by: Steve Leone

Article included within Environments for Aging, Spring 2016 edition... Senior living bathrooms all tend to include the same elements, from shower to toilet, but how those elements might be located to achieve optimal results is anything but ordinary. That’s what Francis E. Parker Memorial Home Inc., owner and operator of long-term care community Parker at Monroe (PAM) in Monroe, N.J., proved to the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA). Continue Reading