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Energy Solutions

Renewable & Alternative Energy Choices

Reliance on traditional energy resources continues to test the resiliency of businesses and communities. Spiezle is committed to incorporating renewable energy and innovative energy solutions into our projects.

Solar - We are a leading solar renewable energy design firm. Our firm has extensive experience with integrating solar into our projects, from planning and concept through permitting and construction. Solar opportunity for thermal heating or generating electricity encompasses building orientation and form and can be applied to new and existing buildings.

Wind - Site is the critical factor in considering wind power. Wind availability, wind speed and lack of obstructions are important considerations when determining the viability of harnessing wind resources. Our firm stays abreast of the changes in technology and policy that can make wind a viable economic option for projects.

Geothermal – Geothermal energy for thermal control in buildings is often a viable option, depending on the specific site. Our experienced team will evaluate your options regarding geothermal use and make recommendations for the best type of heating and cooling system for your project.

Combined Heat and Power – Our firm works with traditional fuel sources in innovative ways to provide energy solutions that are cost effective and dependable. Cogeneration greatly increases the efficiency of buildings, using technology that can be applied to individual or multiple buildings.

Planning for the Future – Our firm specializes in energy planning to help clients address their future needs, whether it applies to an individual building or a campus of buildings. Our experience and expertise helps clients implement energy solutions that make their facilities more efficient, resilient, cost effective, and helps clients reduce their carbon footprint.