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We are pleased to be establishing our new home in Hamilton and look forward to becoming an integral partner within the community. Our enhanced space provides us with the ideal atmosphere to fulfill our ongoing mission to continue serving our valued clients and to develop new relationships for years to come.

Natural light and daylighting were the driving elements during the design process to reduce energy usage.

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Spaces for Working

  • 15,000 SF open-layout, progressive work environment.
    Built to inspire transparency, collaboration and creativity through a combination of open work spaces and smaller gathering areas.

  • Reduced energy usage with natural light exposure, light dimmers and motion sensors.

  • Furniture specifically designed with a low horizon allowing natural light to flood the space.

  • Additional elements include a fully-equipped pantry and a small gym with a shower room.

  • The culmination of this new office space is a true reflection of the company's intensely creative and team-oriented culture.

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