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Confidential Private School Client

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Sustainable design begins with inital planning discussions and carries forward throughout each design element and building in this campus.

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Spaces for living & Learning

  • Detailed exploration of several residential models.

  • LEED certification planning integrated into master plan process.

  • Connections between home + school and buildings + nature key.

  • Other components explored; school schedule, faculty structure and living arrangements, guest visitation support, and how to create the right type of engaging and modern academic environment.

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Master Planning Services

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Confidential Private School master plan

The master plan was a multi-step process with a great deal of collaborative interaction to give physical form to a founder's vision and goals.

  • Master plan was distinctly phased to demonstrate how each alternative affected future choices.
  • Lessons learned were incorporated by guest experts in the field.
  • Charrettes with stakeholders and designers gave physical representation to design alternatives.