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Meet Steve Leone

What is Steve Leone’s, principal in charge of Spiezle’s senior living practice, favorite saying? “It’s not about bricks and sticks.”

That’s because Steve – and the entire Spiezle senior living team – believe it’s about truly improving the lives of people who deserve and need better attention and support for the things we all do every day.

In other words, it’s about life.

“There was no greater confirmation of that perspective than when I met the first resident of a newly opened project – a woman in her 90’s who was dressed to the 9’s,” Steve shared. “She was all smiles and had a glow about her. She gave me a warm handshake and a hug … and then said, ‘You did a great job here.’ That was the highest level of praise and satisfaction I could ever receive. That’s what drives all of us here at Spiezle every day.” 



Steve is a co-founder of LEAPp , Life Enrichment Aging in Place Professionals, a coalition of experienced professionals consulting with public and private organizations to create communities that support aging in place.

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