Architectural Group

Work / Life Balance

Our employee-owners believe in the motto of “work hard, play hard.” We host various events throughout the year including BBQ’s, potluck lunches, super bowl parties, sporting and performing arts gatherings, a year-end gathering, and other team building activities.  We provide a flexible atmosphere recognizing that times have changed and sometimes “life gets in the way” – so, we balance work needs with life needs when we can. We also have a summer hours program that provides additional flexibility during the warmer months.

We can’t share all of the great things we are doing on our website (we wouldn’t want the competition to know all the things that work well for us).  We are the new Spiezle – and we are seeking talented and passionate design and support professionals to join our team.  Let’s engage in a conversation to learn more about each other.  You may contact our team recruiter at 609.695.7400 x274 or 609.947.2086 after hours.  Life too busy at the moment? Submit your resume at your convenience to