Our Company

Our vision, mission, and values guide us in everything we do…

As a leading architectural design firm, we collaborate with our clients to create innovative design solutions, build long-term value, and contribute to making our clients’ lives easier on a daily basis.

These values define who we are, what we do, and how we deliver design excellence:

Spiezle’s empowered and inspiring employee-owners are professionals focused intently on solving our client’s challenges and creating positive impacts.


Working closely with our clients to help them establish and achieve their unique goals and objectives.


encouraging imaginative and inspiring design solutions for not only ourselves, but anyone we collaborate with.


building a culturally diverse team that respects other viewpoints
and backgrounds.


encouraging open and honest communications while remaining cognizant of individual respect and dignity.


reimagining what is possible and realizing it.


operating ethically and with authenticity, while prioritizing safety and security in all that we do.


doing the “right thing” every day to deliver on time and within budget. We grow our firm through operational excellence and quality execution.


considering the needs of clients, communities and the environment in ways that acknowledge the past to create a better future.

These guiding beliefs serve as a constant reminder of Spiezle’s high performing, empowered and inspiring culture as well as ensure our firm will continue to provide lasting solutions for our clients for many years to come.

Our Foundation

Since its founding in 1954, the firm has had remarkable leadership which provided consistent and steady growth over the years and has always remained ahead of the competition and one of the top architectural firms in the region. Spiezle is a 100% employee owned firm and, by nature, reinforces our culture of transparency and adds to the firm’s profound identity of shared ownership which helps fuel our entrepreneurial spirit.

Today, under the guidance of our President and CEO Tom Perrino and Principals Scott Downie, Steve Leone, Steve Siegel, John Wright and Angelo Alberto, we continue to expand our geographic reach as we diversify the markets we serve. This diversity of markets afforded the firm strength during economic uncertainty and provides a solid platform for future growth.

We are truly appreciative of the professional and personal relationships that we have been fortunate to share over the years, and we look to continue these relationships, and develop new ones, as we transition to the next chapter in our proud history.

The future is bright here at Spiezle, and we look forward to enjoying it together!