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Sustainable strategies are always considered from the outset on every project. We deliver designs that focus on high performance, energy efficiency, responsible resource use, ease of operations and maintenance, and long-term cost savings and benefit. Our approach is not just about the number of green buildings in our portfolio, it is about creating a body of work that has a positive impact with measurable results. We recognize that sustainability is much more than a trend or buzz word; sustainability is the lens we apply to every project.

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Environmental stewardship is a core value embraced by our employees.

Collaboration, systems thinking and an integrated design process are essential to delivering sustainable designs on time and within established budgets. While this is not an entirely new process, it is one less-often practiced in our profession due to tight budgets, fast-paced deadlines and entrenched attitudes. We encourage our clients to explore what it means to be sustainable and invite them to collaborate in the process of creating truly exciting buildings.