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The “Ownership Effect”

Employee Owned

You can feel it every day and in everything we do — employee ownership shapes our culture.  That means the success of our firm, as well as our future, is a direct result of our employee-owners’ efforts. Spiezle’s Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) makes us accountable not only to ourselves, but to each other.  It’s our company, and our actions and engagement make the difference.

Employee ownership invests in your own future with the work you do every day. Owning a piece of Spiezle makes our careers about more than just punching a clock and collecting a paycheck. This unique benefit is a win-win for team members and clients as it empowers our employees and generates a higher quality of value in the work they produce. Most employee-owned firms outperform their competition as staff recognizes the impact of their day-to-day performance.

Spiezle is a 100% Employee-Owned entity and a proud to be a member of the National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO).

For additional information on ESOP’s, visit the NCEO or The ESOP Association websites at: