Architectural Group


Stepping Stones

Since its founding in 1954 and with the strong foundation laid by Franklyn and Scott Spiezle, the firm has had remarkable leadership which provided consistent and steady growth over the years and has always remained ahead of the competition and one of the top architectural firms in the region.

Franklyn Spiezle handed the reins of Spiezle Architectural Group to his son, Scott, to carry on the legacy of quality and service, and it was Scott Spiezle's unwavering belief and trust in the firm's professionals that forged the groundwork for the firm to be 100% employee-owned, all while maintaining our core philosophies and mission.

Today, under the guidance of our President and CEO Tom Perrino and Principals Scott Downie, Steve Leone, and Steve Siegel, we continue to expand our geographic reach as we diversify the markets we serve. This diversity of markets afforded the firm strength during economic uncertainty and provides a solid platform for future growth.

We are truly appreciative of the professional and personal relationships that we have been fortunate to share over the years, and we look to continue these relationships, and develop new ones, as we transition to the next chapter in our proud history.

The future is bright here at Spiezle, and we look forward to enjoying it together!