Architectural Group

Philosophy & Mission

Focusing on Our Core

The mission of Spiezle Architectural Group, Inc. is to be a leading sustainable architectural design firm that partners with clients to develop innovative solutions that create long-term value for our clients and long-term relationships for our firm.

To fulfill our mission, we built our team with people who believe in and exhibit our vision and values in their work:

Innovation - thinking outside of the box to present ideas, concepts, and solutions that advance the company and/or benefit our clients.
Creativity - challenging ourselves and others to express themselves artistically in design and in resourceful problem-solving.
Diversity - building a workforce that respects other view points, cultures, and backgrounds.
Honesty - encouraging open and honest communications while remaining cognizant of individual respect and dignity.
Integrity - standing behind our beliefs and treating each other fairly with the highest regard for quality “good faith” dealings.
Reputation - doing the “right thing” every day to deliver on time and within budget.
Respect - considering the needs of clients, communities and the environment in ways that acknowledge the past to create a better future.

Our professionals bring a heightened commitment to the growth, service excellence, and spirit of social contribution that have been the firm’s core values since its founding in 1954.