Jeff Livingston

RA | Director of Campus Architecture

Jeff’s architectural background spans 30 years in higher education, pharmaceutical/biotech, R&D, and manufacturing. He’s expertise includes master planning, architectural programming and design, construction administration, space management, and long-range operational and capital planning.

He can see both the tactical and strategic implications of client requests and create multiple scenarios modeled on alternative priorities. These establish the framework to meet and prioritize client objectives, project scheduling, and innovative design solutions. Jeff consistently advises his clients to think longer term when planning. If you’re completing it in 4 years you need a plan, if you’re completing it in 10 years you need a map.

Jeff’s strong leadership and exceptional communication skills keep his clients actively engaged in studies and projects, while leading them to innovative solutions.  He works collaboratively with both the client and project management teams to prioritize objectives and establish a cohesive work environment, resulting in comprehensive planning and architecture designs.

During his off time, Jeff enjoys gardening, hiking, and kayaking with his family. He also designs and builds harpsichords and clavichords, practice instrument for serving as an organist.

Jeff received his Bachelor of Architecture from Pratt Institute, where he also served as an architecture critic for 25 years. He is a registered architect and a member of the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards.