New Year Commitment to Informed Opinions

With every New Year in an increasingly digital world come new trends and patterns. Among these are the seemingly endless “Best Of (insert previous year)” lists. Every design webpage has them. Maybe it’s because it drives ad revenue because a survey said people like them. Or maybe it’s because it’s just easy to fill space and generate interest because the media knows that controversy is appealing. Whatever the reason it also becomes something that each of us in the design community need to be mindful of to not become marginalized by another’s opinion about “what is best”.

Even just a few examples can be seen on the following links where “Best Of” lists comprise the bulk of each New Year’s websites:

Design Milk

Design Boom


While the move to include a “vote-for-your-favorite” has some audience participation appeal, each of us needs to be careful of not getting lazy and allowing an anonymous writer’s opinion trump our own about what we feel is “the best”. Design engages our personal feelings and beliefs at all levels. With more and more information and imagery available we should be allowing ourselves increasingly more informed opinions about what appeals to us,….not less. By blindly accepting someone else’s opinion about what is best about something that has been designed and published, over time allows the potential to become more acceptant and less innovative.

Our world is in more need of innovation than ever so, be encouraged to use our increasing access to digital resources to make more informed (and personal) opinions about design rather than acceptant of someone else’s. That’s my personal commitment to the New Year.

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