Director of Sustainability Presents to Rider University Students

Frank Sherman, our Director of Sustainability, was very pleased to present to the student base of Rider University regarding sustainable principles and how they relate to each aspect of one’s life.

I just wanted to follow up to express my thanks for your willingness to speak at the Sustainability Studies Spring Event last Friday. Your address was really well focused on the themes that I think were important for these students to hear: the importance of sustainability awareness (and systems thinking) in one’s education, but also the fact that most jobs won’t list ‘sustainability’ in their titles.  I also like how you were able to weave in your personal career experience and the importance of following your passion in your career.  I was really happy with the turnout and a half-dozen the sustainability studies minors have begun to meet to form a USGBC club on campus.  Hopefully we’ll be able to carry this momentum forward to the next academic year! – Dan Druckenbrod, Rider University

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