Keeping Time With Real Graphics

While digital timekeeping has allowed us to magically keep our lives synchronized with every device through reminders, alarms and contacts all beautifully connected without turning a page, something has still been lost from the days when paper ruled the world. Each year brought enough variations on graphic ways to keep time to satisfy most every designer, architect and those that simply enjoyed more color in their lives. I still remember welcoming the arrival of my annual Stendig calendar to begin charting my course for the coming year.

The latest round of operating systems have tried to spice things up a bit but, the calendar still seems largely a one-size-fits-all approach. It may not rule the world anymore but, paper still enjoys a healthy living in certain graphic circles. The following link takes one to 25 unique and totally enjoyable graphic options for keeping time in the old-fashioned way. As a continuation of the thinking in the last blog it also invites and is a way to stay in touch with one’s creative energies by making notes in as many ways as can be conceived as opposed to those limited by merely pushing repetitively on a keyboard. But, beware,… need to bring your own writing implement or, make that plural should you dare to think in color,…..


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