Holy Redeemer Hospital Renovations

Holy Redeemer Hospital, located in Meadowbrook Pennsylvania, acknowledged the need to upgrade their medical/surgical nursing units to adapt to current technological trends and patient needs. Through our collaboration process, Spiezle created a “Dreambook” to redesign one wing of the medical/surgical nursing tower which would enhance the patient and staff experience.

This 11,000 square foot renovation was completed in June of 2019 and consisted of 24 private patient rooms.

The “Dreambook” evaluated technology trends, staff efficiencies, space utilization and patient care. This process established goals for better patient and staff experiences. This was achieved by relocating and reconfiguring spaces, improving lighting and environmental graphic enhancements. The fresh color palette boosts the health and recovery of its patients and working environment for its staff.

The images below show the conceptual rendering produced in the “Dreambook” (left column) and the actual completed project images ( right column). How did we do?

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