What to Consider When Embracing Esports on Your Campus, in Legal Issues in Collegiate Athletics

Esports is quickly becoming an area of focus for many colleges and universities. There is more to Esports than students playing video games; there are robust programs that can be played at the varsity level, and there are several benefits. In an article published on April 12, 2021, John Wright, Bob Reid, and Jill DiClementi discuss the current trends and benefits.

“Esports is not geographically limited, writes Wright, Reid, and DiClementi. “Teams can compete either locally, regionally, nationally, or internationally. This helps to break down cultural and social boundaries and expose team members to people and places that they might not otherwise have the opportunity to interact with. In addition, sponsoring institutions to benefit from national recognition along with possible revenue generation (sponsorships, Twitch affiliation, etc.).”

The authors advise that spaces used for Esports programs can be diverse, and they can live and thrive in a variety of space and building types. For instance, schools will need to determine how many teams they plan to accommodate. They also need to consider if they have the network infrastructure to support the program. Working with an architect/planner/designer skilled at collaborating with campuses to find underutilized space and transform it to look attractive and functional is critical.

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