Campus Master Plan | Reading Area Community College

Spiezle worked collaboratively with Reading Area Community College’s diverse stakeholders to create a vibrant and comprehensive campus master plan which aligns with the College’s strategic goals and vision while helping the client to revitalize the first overall appearance, implement safety, assess current buildings and identify new building opportunities.

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The solutions generated solved the College’s challenges related to the Campus’s genesis, which was a collection of disjointed existing buildings which were not designed for college use and were coupled among modern academic structures. Additional successes were found in solutions to artfully integrate the campus with elegant, functional walkways unifying campus which included crossing City/local streets and a railway crossing, which assured a safe, efficient, and pleasing pedestrian-centric campus. In two short years, there have been seven projects that have been constructed and/or planned that grew directly from the creation of this highly implementable master plan, including renovations to Weitz Hall.



Location: Reading, PA

Size: 1 campus, 9 buildings, 230,191 SF, 1.6 million acres

Services: Master Planning

“You know us better than we know ourselves. That’s why we are so happy to continue to have Spiezle help implement our future projects that grew from the remarkable master plan they did with us.”

Kenneth Dearstyne Senior VP Financial and Administrative Services, College Treasurer Reading Area Community College

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