Reimagining Staff Retention, Published in Seniors Housing Business

An article written by Spiezle Principal Steve Leone, AIA, LEED AP, was recently published in Seniors Housing Business. In the article, Steve goes indepth about the various strategies companies in the senior living industry can use to improve their employee attraction and retention, such as education and training, financial incentives, and a high-quality physical workspace.

“Understanding the evolving expectations of employees is crucial for developing effective retention strategies,” writes Leone. “Some [employees] may be motivated purely by financial concerns, so offering competitive compensation and benefits can alleviate some stress and improve overall job satisfaction. Other employees value flexibility and seek career growth opportunities.”

He also touches on how companies can improve overall engagement to advance the quality of care for senior living residents.

“Ultimately, the essence of reimagining staff retention lies in recognizing that the quality of care and life for senior living residents is directly tied into the satisfaction and stability of the workforce. By implementing comprehensive strategies that address the diverse needs of employees—ranging from competitive compensation and benefits to personal growth and engagement—we create an environment where caregivers feel valued and empowered.”

To read the story in full; click here.

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