Scott Downie Featured in School Leader

In the latest issue of NJSBA’s School Leader Magazine, principal Scott Downie discusses the relationship between design and student success. From light and sound to furniture and temperature control, there are a variety of factors that need to come together to make students comfortable, resulting in student and teacher success.

“Much of this evolution has resulted from the drive toward improving student physical, mental and emotional well-being,” Downie says in the article. “Ideally, the learning space will accomplish two primary goals: Prepare the students to learn and then facilitate the learning process. To this end, designers must work to create spaces that are secure, comfortable, flexible, functional and adaptable.”

By considering the whole student and their needs and wants, Spiezle designs thoughtful and collaborative spaces to ensure success of the student and the teachers.

To read more, visit Great School Design and Student Achievement: They Go Together – New Jersey School Boards Association (

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