Scott Downie featured in Building Enclosure Magazine’s Podcast “Designing for School Safety”

Scott Downie made a guest appearance on Building Enclosure’s podcast, titled Enclosure Experts. The podcast was released on 9/21 on Building Enclosure’s website. Scott discusses designing school safety, creating inclusive environments for students, incorporating new technologies into design projects, and building stronger communities.

“In terms of our design process, safety and security considerations are now folded into early discussions with clients,” said Scott. “It’s not just spaces and how the users will use the buildings; it’s a broader thought process. We try to get clients to think with us about how they will operate those facilities.”

Scott also discusses the firm’s sustainable ways to implement safety precautions and technology. He states, “we have a holistic thought process; we don’t look at individual aspects of a building on its own, but try and consider the broader relationship of each component. Regarding safety and security, people often have a natural reaction, and the tendency is to look at technology systems, cameras, and other types of control technology. Being sustainable can also mean investing in buildings and features that are long term.”

To listen to the podcast in full, click here.

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