Master Planning, Workplace Morale, Accessibility Will Define Future Success of Senior Living, published in Seniors Housing Business

Steve Leone, left, Richard Quinn, Right

Seniors Housing Business published an article on 5/15, written by Steven Leone and Richard Quinn. The article highlights how the success of senior living in the future is dependent on its commitment to new initiatives. Specifically, the piece details the importance of maintaining a master plan, addressing the labor shortage, sustaining affordable housing, and supporting historically marginalized groups through accessibility and DEIB initiatives.

“Burnout, challenging working conditions and alternative career paths have made it difficult to hire, find replacements and entice former staff to return. To combat this trend, facilities are implementing… increased salaries, flexible work schedules and renovat[ed] facilities to ensure functionality and efficiency” write Steven and Richard.

Additionally, they advise, “It is crucial that all stakeholders understand the DEIB initiatives across the organization and commit to fair and equitable representation across all areas of senior living business operations… as we move forward in the post-COVID world, there is a great opportunity to improve healthcare practices, support changing workforces and ensure optimal resident living experiences.”

Read the story in full here.

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