Architectural Group


Image of Thomas Perrino
Thomas Perrino
Image of Scott Downie
Scott Downie
Image of Steven Leone
Steven Leone
Image of Steven Siegel
Steven Siegel
Image of Thomas Lee
Thomas Lee
Image of Brian Duke
Brian Duke
Image of Deborah Kenderdine
Deborah Kenderdine

Spiezle Executive Team

  • Thomas Perrino
  • Scott Downie
  • Steven Leone
  • Steven Siegel
  • Thomas Lee
  • Brian Duke
  • Deborah Kenderdine

The Executive Committee is responsible for the management of the organization, each within their respective areas of responsibility. The Committee establishes policies and procedures that allow the firm to grow and prosper, creates budgets that provide a stable financial platform, manages staff to effectively and efficiently produce quality projects, and carries forward the strategic direction from the Board of Directors.

Image of Anthony “Skip” Cimino
Anthony “Skip” Cimino
Image of Thomas Perrino
Thomas Perrino
Image of George McCann
George McCann
Image of Jeffry Cadorette
Jeffry Cadorette
Image of Rebecca Machinga
Rebecca Machinga

Spiezle Board of Directors

  • Anthony “Skip” Cimino
  • Thomas Perrino
  • George McCann
  • Jeffry Cadorette
  • Rebecca Machinga

As an employee stock ownership firm, Spiezle Architectural Group has a Board of Directors to oversee the strategic direction of the company and protect the interests of the Shareholders.